The Tradition of Home Blessing

The home is blessed for the purpose of dedication or rededication, a reminder that the home reflects the Kingdom of God. Traditional times of the year for Armenian homes to be blessed are Eastertide (the 50 days following Easter), Christmastide (until February 14, the Feast of the Presentation),  and after having moved into a new home.

At a Home Blessing, every member of the family assembles with the priest to sanctify together three life-giving gifts: bread, water, and salt. It is a custom for the priest to bring with him a nushkhar as a symbol of the presence of God’s blessing.

To request a Home Blessing, please contact please contact the church office at (216) 381-6590.

May this house and all its gifts be blessed and cleansed, and this family be protected by the sign of the Holy Cross and by the Holy Gospel in the name of the Holy Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, now and always and forever. Amen. (excerpted from the Home Blessing Service of the Armenian Church)


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